HIV positive pregnant women receiving antiretrovirals, using WHO/UNAIDS methodology (%; high estimate)

Percentage of HIV-infected pregnant women who received antiretrovirals to reduce the risk of mother-to-child transmission. Numerator: Number of HIV-infected pregnant women who received antiretrovirals during the last 12 months to reduce mother-to-child transmission. Denominator: Estimated number of HIV-infected pregnant women in the last 12 months. Ranges are presented for countries with low and concentrated epidemics. The purpose of this indicator is to assess progress in preventing vertical transmission of HIV. All data reflect values representing 12 month period ending December 2007 which have been reconciled between reporting country and UNAIDS/WHO/UNICEF, unless otherwise noted. All analysis of this indicator, including quoted country figures, reflect numerators which have gone through a tri agency reconciliation (UNAIDS/WHO/UNICEF) process and denominators which have been estimated directly from the UNAIDS/WHO Reference group on Estimates, Modelling and Projections methodology (Spectrum). The reconciliation process ensured all agencies reported the same country endorsed figure which was the most recent and met the definition of HIV-infected women receiving antiretroviral drugs over the last 12 months, and thus reflect a full year. Every effort was made in cases of discrepancy across the three agencies to obtain approval from the country on a final indicator value.
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