PDI-9 Aid provided in the framework of programme-based appproaches (%)

Aid provided in the framework of programme-based approaches (PBAs) are a way of engaging in development co-operation based on the principles of co-ordinated support for a locally owned programme of development, such as a national development strategy, a sector programme, a thematic programme or a programme of a specific organization. Programme-based approaches share the following features: (i) Leadership by the host country or organization; (ii) A single comprehensive programme and budget framework; (iii) A formalized process for donor co-ordination and harmonization of donor procedures for reporting, budgeting, financial management and procurement; (iv) Efforts to increase the use of local systems for programme design and implementation, financial management, monitoring and evaluation. Indicators 3 to 12 (but not Indictor 8) are drawn from the Survey on Monitoring the Paris Declaration for each respective year.
Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (www.oecd.org/dac/effectiveness/monitoring).
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