PDI-1 Country with operational national development strategies (rating)

Country's national development strategy is linked to medium-term expenditure framework and reflected in annual budgets. The degree to which governments take the lead in co-ordinating aid-funded activities is the subject of a specific commitment in the Paris Declaration. It is also a variable that seems to be subject to significant changes over time. Another dimension of ownership is the degree to which countries have development strategies that are clear and well operationalised, so that development efforts are effective and there is a robust basis for the alignment of aid with country policies. This is based on the World Bank's Results-Based National Development Strategies: Assessment and Challenges Ahead Report. Categorical where "A" assigned a value of 1; "B" assigned a value of 2; "C" assigned a value of 3; "D" assigned a value of 4; "E" assigned a value of 5; and "N/A" assigned a value of 6. Indicators 3 to 12 (but not Indictor 8) are drawn from the Survey on Monitoring the Paris Declaration for each respective year.
Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (www.oecd.org/dac/effectiveness/monitoring).
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