TIMSS: Eighth grade students reaching the advanced international benchmark of science achievement (%)

TIMSS: Eighth grade students reaching the advanced international benchmark of science achievement (%) is the share of 8th grade students scoring at least 625 on the science assessment. Students at this benchmark can communicate understanding of complex concepts related to biology, chemistry, physics and Earth science in practical, abstract, and experimental contexts. Students apply knowledge of cells and their functions as well as characteristics and life processes of organisms. They demonstrate understanding of diversity, adaptation, and natural selection among organisms, and of ecosystems and the interaction of organisms with their environment. Students apply knowledge of life cycles, and heredity in plants and animals. Students demonstrate knowledge of the composition and physical properties of matter and apply knowledge of chemical and physical change in practical and experimental contexts. Students communicate understanding of physical states and changes in matter in practical and experimental contexts, apply knowledge of energy transfer, and demonstrate knowledge of electricity and magnetism. Students communicate understanding of forces and pressure and demonstrate knowledge of light and sound in practical and abstract situations. Students communicate understanding of Earth’s structure, physical features, and resources as well as of Earth in the solar system. Students show understanding of basic aspects of scientific investigation. They identify which variables to control in an experimental situation, compare information from several sources, combine information to predict and draw conclusions, and interpret information in diagrams, maps, graphs, and tables to solve problems. They provide written explanations to communicate scientific knowledge. Data reflect country performance in the stated year according to TIMSS reports, but may not be comparable across years or countries. Consult the TIMSS website for more detailed information: http://timss.bc.edu/
International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA)'s Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study
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